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Now Offering E-Design! 

Click here to start your E-Design!

"We think a lot of people assume Interior Design about expensive furniture or a major renovation, it's not. A good designer doesn't have to be highly expensive, which is another common misconception...that's why we are offering an affordable option through E-Design!

Being in business since 2007, we have seen how busy people are and how their home sometimes gets left on the never ending to-do list. With this option you can make that list a reality with our design packages and custom design services all from the comfort of your own screen (and pajamas). We are not trying to make the space what we want it to be, we want it to be your dream, in your budget (or less).

We understand needing kid or pet friendly designs, a budget, and the value of time! We will get to know how you/your family uses your space(s), the dimensions of the area, any remaining pieces that will stay in the room, so when we select items for the space it's what you never knew you wanted...and that's the magic of using an E-Designer!"

Jeanna Letzring | Owner & Interior Designer | Pinnacle Interior Designs

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