102nd Place N- Part 1

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102nd Place N - Part 1

So not every project scope comes to fruition. After meeting these clients for the first time and then during subsequent contractor bids, it became clear that the laundry list of things that they wanted to do would far exceed their budget, their families ability to live through it, and the return on investment on the property.

After the second contractor bid with Landmark we (almost in sync) turned to each other and agreed that this was not their forever home. As much as both of us would love the job and money, it was clear that we needed to do some updating for them to sell and find a better fit.

I immediately shifted gears and wrote up a proposal to gut and remodel the main floor bathroom that the three upstairs bedroom (including the master) shared, new public space lighting, paint, and a small update to the kitchen. This included new hardware, lighting, and a back splash.

These changes were to be the best use of their budget to make the house more appealing. We knew it was a seller's market, but the house needed work and we wanted to get them top dollar.

Before Pictures:

Bathroom Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Shower Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Bathroom Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs

The Bathroom Plan-

Since re-sale was the focus we knew that going from one tiny vanity to a double sink vanity was a MUST do. With it being the only bathroom on the main level it served four of the five people AND was the guest bathroom. The only other bathroom was a basement ensuite to the teenage daughter's room. That space was originally on the remodel list, but we ultimately decided a full remodel wouldn't increase the value.

Addressing the mold issue was also a high priority since no one wants inherit that. With those two things bought a plumbing nightmare. After demo it was discovered it was all done incorrectly and we had to run all new plumbing. Our plumbers were amazing and did it and I will also point out that Landmark passed the deal of a price right on to the client!

We gave them two designs, very different and advised these were the two ways we'd take the house, white and brushed nickel, or matte black and a little mid-century/transitional style.

Mood Board Option 1 | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Mood Board Option 2 | Pinnacle Interior Designs

For the kitchen update we again had a few plans and made sure the client understood this was to sell, not for them, which is HARD. We advised if they choose matte black for bathroom we really should carry that into public space lighting and kicthen update. Same went for brushed nickel version.

They wanted our advice and I we said matte black all the way.

Before Pictures:

Kitchen Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Dining Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Mood Boards:

Mood Board Option 1 | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Mood Board Option 2 | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Mood Board Option 3 | Pinnacle Interior Designs


As with any remodel where there was some DIY, we had to problem solve left and right. It is a balance of doing it right and not increasing the bill at every turn.

There were a few times were the client chose to do more than we thought necessary like include a niche in the shower or move electrical in kicthen to make more sense with the new back splash. These things don't get any return on investment, but the client thought for the price makes it even more appealing. They weren't wrong... we just hate spending people's money!

Demo and all new plumbing | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Knockdown ceiling | Pinnacle Interior Designs

New bathtub | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Drywall complete | Pinnacle Interior Designs

In fact the morning we were shooting the Gladstone Blvd N project they needed our advice and we were facetiming them to make some on the fly decisions and giving our advice on cost versus reward. We joke that we are always a phone call way and will be involved as much the client wants us to be after the design, purchasing, inspecting is done.

FaceTime to the rescue | Pinnacle Interior Designs

It is awesome to know that a quick check in can set a client's mind at ease and keep the contractor moving along.

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR PART 2: After and Client Interview

Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer

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