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Affordable Open Concept Kitchen- Client Connection- Brian & Gabrielle part 3

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Part 1 | Part 2


-kitchen after #after #plymouthmn #kitchen #floatingshelves #kitchenremodel #whitecabinets photo credit: Brian Ites Photography


Affordable Open Concept Kicthen- part 3

When Gabrielle texted letting me know they thought the space was ready to be photographed I was so excited! It had turned out better than I expected.

I was confident we had achieved our goals and hoped they loved the result as much as I did.

I had asked them to send me pictures of the space so I knew what staging items I had to source and bring with for the shoot. After inspecting the pictures I didn’t feel the need to bring anything!!

I felt like they had truly found their style and we had made a utilitarian space colorful, fun, and THEIRS!!!



-After- Kitchen

photo credit: Brian Ites Photography

-After: Dining Room into living/kitchen (wall)

photo credit: Brian Ites Photography

-After: Living Room

photo credit: Brian Ites Photography


One easy update that made a HUGE difference was spray painting the brass on the fireplace with heat resistant Matt black spray. We had discussed painting the brick white, but am so glad we didn’t. I love the warmth it brings and the personality it adds to the space.


-After: Dining Room

photo credit: Brian Ites Photography

-After: Living Room into Dining/Kitchen

photo credit: Brian Ites Photography


They opted to not do an island, permanent or moveable. They instead use the space for their toddler to play while they cook, to be able to place another table in to host a lot of people, and to just have the extra space for people to use and congregate.

We also chose not to do recessed lights and instead use the junction box locations for cool semi flush ceiling mount lights and floor lamps. This saved them thousands.


-After: Entry


Another money saving solution was to reuse the railing and newel posts and only replace the spindles. We decided to stain the railing to match the luxury vinyl plank floors and the matte black spindles tie into the fireplace makeover.

Best of all- it is safe! The peace of mind the client’s gained by letting their toddler run around without fear of plummeting to the basement was priceless!



Brain and Gabrielle

Q- Why did you use an Interior Designer? A - As a new family having bought their first home we had a very tight budget. We also had no experience with remodeling. So, it was suggested we work with Jeanna and we are so glad we did! We couldn't have handled figuring out all the details on our own. Q- What was your #inspiration and what is your design style? A - We keep tossing around the term Mid Century Modern, but, we aren't sure if that's entirely accurate given some of the flair in our space. Q- What advice would you give concerning #remodeling? A -  Patience, it's a long process. Don't be afraid to ask questions! Having Jeanna made us feel more confident! Q- What would you do differently? A - Unless we had a different budget next time, i'm not sure there is a lot we would have done differently. Throwing a 50 person party at our new house without counters or a kitchen sink was a little challenging. But the team came together to get us something temporarily!


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are! click here to subscribe:)

Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



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