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Blaine Bathroom Remodel - Part 1

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

  • BEFORE- Fiberglass Shower and jet tub


Blaine Master Bath Remodel- Part 1

Therese and Dean were a referral from a former client who I did a kitchen remodel for.

They already had a contractor, Tony, but needed help figuring out layout, tile, vanity, lighting.

Therese knew she wanted a spa-like bathroom. It became very clear right away that even though it was a bigger space, door placement, toilet location, and the fact that it shared a wall with the next townhouse unit, made all her dreams hard to achieve.

I often joke that I am the dream killer sometimes and I felt that way during this first consult! She really wanted a large freestanding tub and a huge walk-in shower... something I couldn’t give her.

I tried hard to sell my vision of a large walk-in shower with lots for glass and a rain head and an amazing built-in adjacent to it. We agreed I would make two floor plans so she could really see how it would lay out.

Before Pictures:



-walk-in shower

-freestanding tub

-spa like vibe

-white cabinetry

-keep existing wall color




- a touch of bling/glamour

-vanity tower


When I presented the two floor plan options and tile selections I was nervous she was still bent on having a tub. She did linger a few minutes on it and then they agreed the single shower plan would be the best to move forward with!

I figures out quantities, places orders, and away we went.

I had never worked with Tony before, but he was so easy to work with. Meticulous and put up with my crazy custom cabinetry requests. I wanted a furniture vanity from Wayfair to save money and then had him create a tower identical to add on. Then I wanted the built-in unit adjacent to the shower to look the same too. No easy task.



TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR PART 2: AFTER and Client Interview


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



Instagram: pinnacleinteriordesigns

Facebook: Pinnacle Interior Designs


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