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Design Tip Tuesday: Dining Room Feature Wall

Updated: May 13, 2020


-Dining Room Feature Wall


Feature Wall

Hi everyone it's Hailey and I'm once again taking over design tip Tuesday!

For this week's tip I want to talk about feature walls! This past February my boyfriend and I bought some wall art for our dining room after moving in this past June (I also shared about this in my last design tip Tuesday take over). This was one of the first decorative things we did since moving in that helped make the home feel like ours rather than the previous owners. However, after putting it up, I liked the change, but something was missing and couldn't put my finger one it. Nevertheless, the wall art made both of us happy so I just rolled with the punches.

Then the world shut down and I had more time on my hands to scroll on Pinterest and I figured it out, I wanted a feature wall! I've always LOVED feature walls but for some reason I never thought I could have one in my own home since every time I saw one it was in a fancy home and my homes not fancy, nor am I!

-Before the wall art and then after!


-How it all began/inspo.

Then my boyfriend's (Aldrin, yes I call him stinky stickers, it's from Cars 3) work got shut down for two weeks. When the light bulb went off in my head that I wanted a feature wall is when he texted me he'd be home with me for the two weeks. One might say that's a sign, with him being home and I finishing up my semester now at home we were both around one another to help each other out with the honey do list. Then the process began in convincing him a feature wall was what we should do on the bland wall we had just put wall art on just a few short months back.

I knew I wanted a feature wall, but doing something abstract might be too much work and I was nervous we wouldn't like it in the end. Aldrin wanted something simple since this isn't our forever home and would like to move or build our own home within the next few years so from a resell standpoint, simple was the way to go. Then I saw the Holly Ln N photo on Pinnacle's Instagram and once again it clicked! I showed Aldrin the photo when he got home and the first thing he said was "that's an old people's home..". WHAT!

I had to bring out the charm to convince him since he doesn't see design through and through. He works in engineering but in manufacturing so he can see how parts should be taken apart, put back together, working, etc. like no tomorrow!! But seeing an end result in designing, absolutely not. Not like I can! On top of that we are both stubborn so neither one was going to back down... but as you can see I won. ;)


-The End Result

This is the end result! We ended up doing white to help brighten the room since as you can see from the photos above the whole house is a neutral color. Nothing wrong with that. However, the difference throughout the day in how bright the dining/living room area is now is incredible!! During the process of painting and putting the boards up I knew getting a new dining room light fixture was a must to make the room feel finished. So the hunt began and once again so did the convincing.

We finished the wall before the light came and we were already in love, however, before the wall was finished trying to find a dining room light we both liked was a struggle since a certain someone is kind of picky (and it wasn't me this time). Now this one checked most of our boxes and better yet we saved over $300! We went back and forth on whether to get a square/rectangle light over a circle but I think in the end rectangle was perfect for our taste since some of the circle designs weren't our style. Nevertheless, getting a circle light fixture would have been a good idea as well to break up the sharp lines if that better fits your needs.

When the light arrived I was working late and I got a text from Mr. Stinky Stickers saying the light was perfect. Whew! It wasn't until I got home and saw him finish putting it all together that I fell in love! It's what finished the room and was totally worth putting in a little extra money.

Now how much did it all cost?

All together with the light, wood, paint, and other materials it ended up costing under $400 and only took a few days, something you could do over a weekend. Which really isn't bad in the grand scheme of things and compared to other remodels. This for sure is here to stay and has given us more confidence to sprucing up other areas of our home. I highly recommend giving this a go in any room of your house! You could even do an abstract design with a pop of color to add more personality. Now that we've dipped our toes into more projects I'm off the go pick out paint colors for the upstairs living areas, more to come on that possibly in the future!

Oh and Aldrin said I made the right call on doing the feature wall ;)


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



Instagram: pinnacleinteriordesigns

Facebook: Pinnacle Interior Designs


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