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Design Tip Tuesday: Goodbye Summer and Hello Fall

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Fall Design | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Hello Fall

I don't know about everyone else but I did not want summer to end this year! Due to COVID I stayed home for almost the entire summer which I know is better than being out but it did still stink. However, fall is coming (technically first day of fall is Sept. 22nd) and with that so does school which means a new chapter of unknowns. I'm sure like most people doing distance learning, myself included, we may not have the energy or brain capacity to even think about decorating for the seasons to come. I say change that thinking!

I started decorating for fall on September 1st, and I'll admit I did not want to. I truly didn't think I was going to decorate for fall this year because everything was so discombobulated and up in the air. However, I knew I needed a change within my home and with starting school why not start now. Summer was a blur, I'll admit I should have tried harder to enjoy what little things I could do with COVID but that doesn't meant I can't try again with fall.

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Break out those pumpkins and leaves people it's time to get down to business! Like I said earlier I didn't think I would decorate for fall with everything going on in the world. But I'll admit, changing my space up helped almost give me a fresh start. My spring and summer decor was next to nothing so adding in fall colors is a happy sight to see. Also, this was a great time to do that end of the season deep clean.

Start small... I say this all the time but it really does make a difference! Whether you have a small amount of decor or bins on bins on bins of decor, start by putting the decor in the public spaces of your home. This includes your living and dining room, kitchen and possible main bathroom.

Don't forget about your space as well, maybe it's your office or a reading nook. Make these areas feel special with a cozy plaid throw blanket and a warm smelling candle. Reuse what you already have and maybe buy one item to add something new into the space for a small added touch.

Go on the hunt for discounts! During the shut down a lot of people realized they had too much stuff and were looking to get rid of it. Check your local thrift stores, I go to Goodwill and I have found amazing items at such a low price. Don't forget paint either, it can also be a huge game changer if you're looking to change something such as a vase, ghosts, bats or a pumpkin. You can easily buy pumpkins from a thrift store that may not be your style but since they're cheap you're able to paint them how you want and to fit with your decor. And who doesn't love a fun DIY?

Another added touch can be signs and foliage. If you have weird gaps between some decor pieces head over to a craft store and pick up some foliage (hopefully on sale, I've gotten some as cheap as $1-$2). This will make your decor and space feel just that much more put together. You can also pair your foliage with your thrifted vases or tins. Signs help add some height, personality, color and textures when you may have gone a bit overboard with putting pumpkins everywhere.

Console Table Ideas
Hallway Console Table | Pinnacle Interior Deigns


Don't forget to get your whole household involved in the decorating! Whether it's your significant other, kids, grandkids or whatever the case, make a day out of the week where you set aside your responsibilities and just focus on having a fun time decorating. Bake cookies, maybe go outside and have a bonfire at the end of the day or cuddle up at the end of the night with a scary movie and turning on some orange and purple lights for an added spooky feel with a fall scented candle.

Another idea could be having a pumpkin, ghost, bat, cat, etc. carving/painting day with friends or family (please keep following and practicing the covid guidelines). As we roll into the holidays to come this is a time of giving and coming together. While this seasonal year is vastly different than last year it doesn't mean we can't celebrate and try to make the most of it.


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



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