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Design Tip Tuesday: Styling a New Space


Styling you’re home can make it feel like a completely different space, whether it’s adding some throw pillows or putting books on the shelf to complete the look of the space.

Remember, styling is always necessary to finish off a space. These details can help make your space come to life.

In a new space, especially, it is crucially important to style the space as if it is reflecting yourself and the space that you want to create. When talking about new spaces, I mean remodels, new homes, and even additions. These new spaces need styling to help them feel connected to pre-existing spaces and/or the homeowner.

Have you ever walked into a brand new home, and there’s nothing in that home? And then you walk into another home, and it feels more comfortable and welcoming to have rugs, art, and decor pieces in that space.

Kitchen Remodel Styling | Pinnacle Interior Designs

In this remodeled kitchen, we used existing items in the home to make it feel more inviting. For example, we took all the homeowner's plants then layered them throughout the first shelf. When you look at the first floating shelf the different sizing of thing helps to create a depth. Using different colors, textures, and sizes to create a visually pleasing look in this bright kitchen.

One great way to find items to style new spaces is to decide what things the homeowner likes, whether it's traveling, animals, or a favorite color. Using these items makes the room feel more in line with the client's personality and interests. Adding new items as needed to fill in the empty spaces.

Living Room Styling | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Shelving Styling | Pinnacle Interior Designs

In this living room, we took a few items that the homeowner wanted to be displayed, and we accented them with other new pieces. The books in the last picture were a great grandmothers, and the pottery on them was made by a family member. We took both of those items, and we picked new things that would accent the books and pottery.

As you can see in these images we used different textures, like glass and ceramics. We also pulled in different metals, gold and oil-rubbed bronze to make the eye bounce around the area. Another element we used was color, in using green, white, and other colors, it creates visual interest and to help the area feel more inviting.

In this new basement bar, we used a lot of the existing decor to style this space. Another great way to style is to use existing things that will be used in that room to create a pleasing look. In this case, we used glasses that will be used in the space on the floating shelves to identify that you can have drinks in this area.

In using different design elements like texture, scale, and color we can make the eye move throughout the space. When using these elements of design, it creates a balance and rhythm. I know that this blog had a lot of information, but just remember Pinnacle Interior Designs is here for you. We can help you style your space using those design elements.


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



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