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Design Tip Tuesday: Switching to Eco-Friendly Products for the home

Design Tip Tuesday: Switching to Eco-Friendly Products | Pinnacle Interior Designs


Switching to Eco-Friendly Products for the home: Part 1

So, maybe I am late to the game, but something hit me recently while scrolling through Insta. Am I actually being a good steward of our planet? I came upon an ad for Tru Earth Movement and quickly fell down the rabbit hole.


Laundry detergent strips? So weird... but they quickly made great points that led me to question why I wasn't using them! I do an average of 1.5 loads per day for my household of 5 and use a lot of laundry detergent.

This made me realize how I prided myself on recycling; but after getting facts like only 20% of laundry jugs get recycled and 700,0000,00 plastic laundry jugs going into landfills (and that's just North America), I felt a strong urge to do more.

Design Tip Tuesday: Switching to Eco-Friendly Products | Pinnacle Interior Designs

-Tru Earth Strips

Design Tip Tuesday | Pinnacle Interior DesignsDesign Tip Tuesday: Switching to Eco-Friendly Products | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Re-post from @we_saveplanetearth

Saw this and it really stopped me in my tracks. I am not "granola" or "hippy" or an activist... but I am somebody who can do more.

Then a few days later after the discovery of laundry detergent strips I was in Target's toilet paper aisle (which now is a barren desert thanks to Covid-19) and I wondered aloud, "why don't they carry recycled toilet paper?," to my partner in crime, Weston.

I always buy Everspring 100% Recycled Paper Towels from Target and had a light bulb go off as to why I didn't make the connection that if I can purchase paper towels that are from recycled paper, then I was surely able to buy toilet paper too!


When I asked, a mom, toting a few kids with said, "you can... I buy from Who Gives A Crap!"

She gave rave reviews and as soon as I was home, groceries unpacked and Weston entertained, I checked out us.whogivesacrap.org and did my research. Not only was I impresssed, they donate 50% off the profits to build toilets for those in need.

Now, had I known there would be a national shortage of toilet paper, I would have signed up right then, but I decided to make dinner, and do so after the kids were in bed.

Can you guess what happened? Yep, I forgot and when I went back to do it they were sold out of EVERYTHING. So, I am on the waitlist and will sign up for TOILET PAPER, PAPER TOWELS, AND TISSUE once I get the email that they are back in stock and ready for more subscriptions.

and did my research. Not only was I impressed, they donate 50% off the profits to build toilets for those in need.

Design Tip Tuesday: Switching to Eco-Friendly Products | Pinnacle Interior Designs

-Toilet Paper subscription service delivered to your door. No plastic packaging!

So why stop at laundry detergent and paper products?

I know I can not afford to do everything imaginable, but I am making huge steps towards new habits and teaching my kids who will carry them on!

Here is where I am ordering from next:

Cleaning Products: Blueland

Why?: I love that is uses tap water and glass bottles and it delivers to you! Also a low initial investment and continued cost is cheaper than what I was buying before.

Beeswax sheets: Eco Collective

Why?: We use way too many plastic baggies and these are reusable. Paired with our reusable Tupperware we should be able to eliminate entirely.

Amazon option

Bamboo Toothbrushes: Eco Roots

Why?: They are biodegradable and again deliver to you door.

Amazon option

Takeaway- I have myself ready to roll, but how will these products actually perform for me and my family?

One prediction is that with our family's schools, gym, religion, etc. all closing and we are limiting contact, getting things delivered certainly will be a sense of relief. I thought it would be a time convenience, but I guess it could be a health safe practice as well.

I will review them as soon as I get them and have had a few weeks to use them!

Part 2 will be interesting!

Full Disclosure- none of these items are sponsored or an ad. I found them in real life and will be giving real, honest, reviews.

Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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