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Design Tip Tuesday: The 90% Problem...

laundry room inspiration
Laundry Room | Pinnacle Interior Designs
sitting area
Sitting Area | Pinnacle Interior Designs

What is the 90% Problem?

The 90% problem in short is only going 90% of the way on a project. We see this all the time no matter the size of the project. We understand the importance of saving money AND finishing the space with the perfect finishes, whether it's a certain tile flooring, handle design, backsplash, etc.

Trust us when we say getting a new dining room light fixture will tie everything together. Or adding throw pillows, artwork, or buying that certain rug. Maybe it’s adding a new paint color or waiting for the one tile flooring to be back in stock. Whatever it may be, we know as Designers going that one final baby step will take your home to the next level.

When we first walk the space before starting the planning or designing we take everything you said into consideration and we make sure you get as much on your want list as possible! With that list we do everything in our power to make your dreams a reality and help prepare you for what's to come.

However, this can sometime get lost in the chaos of renovations and things can start to get overwhelming. This is when people start to retreat back to what's normal to them and settle for things we talked about early on that would have been a game changer.

Then we ask you this question "will you be 100% happy in a 90% finished space?" NO!

Master bathroom | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Bathroom Design | Pinnacle Interior Designs
kitchen remodel
Kitchen Done on a Budget | Pinnacle Interior Design

In the 14 years and over 250 clients we've helped designing for, this is when we have to remind you we are here to guide you to finishing the space of your dreams. We aren't here to make you spend more money, or waste your time!

We usually can find affordable ways to get you your dream space, however, what we don't want is for you to not speak up sooner! We don't want to get to the end of a project and say "I wish we would have done this.." This is soul crushing to us.

If including new furniture or art into the space is ”necessary” because we are putting in an island where there wasn’t one before, the space won’t be finished if the project is done a d have haven’t planned on counter stools! We don’t want to come back and see that there either isn’t any or that the client just went and picked out cheap ones they hate because they didn’t want to bother us or were fearful we would have them buy expendive ones. If we know in the beginning we plan, budget appropriately, and maybe skip the adjacent powder room so that the kitchen gets 100% done!

No matter what we will give you your 100% finished space of your dreams within your budget, and hopefully your timeframe. All we ask is you trust the process that we'll make your dream a reality rather than a 90% reality with regrets!


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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



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