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Edina Kitchen - Gould Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 and want to get caught up : CLICK HERE

  • We pushed the peninsula back since we weren't doing a drywall and wanted more space for around the range


Edina Kitchen Remodel - Gould part 2

For another Covid-19 remodel, this kitchen went pretty smooth.

Of course there were a few bumps, but we found solutions!

One was that when we remove the existing peninsula we found a heat vent that was not standard and would be exposed with the new peninsula location. To the homeowner, this was a scary and seemed to be a big deal. I reassured it wasn't and Scott from Landmark came, corrected, and we move right along.

This is very common place in construction that something to someone who is unfamiliar with things like HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc. can worry it will cost them money they hadn't planned on spending and delay progress.

Sometimes we find things that does require unplanned funds, but a lot of times, it's a quick fix.


After a fast and easy demo Landmark got to work to put this kitchen back together again.

Pro Design Custom Cabinetry made custom cabinets in a shaker door style with crown molding in Benjamin Moore's Dove White. This allowed for customization like pull out spice base, pull out garbage/recycling, roll out trays, microwave upper cabinet, and dimensions down to 1/16" instead of the 3" increments that semi-custom cabinetry manufactures in.


Appliances go in!

We were able to use the existing range and then purchase the other appliances in stainless steel that saved us a TON of money!

Also- the previous fridge was a sub zero and I advised that we don't need to allocate the funds towards another expensive unit. Instead we could purchase a higher quality slide in fridge. This would also break up all of the white cabinetry.

Now that the microwave was in- Aric made a plan to retrofit the trim so the microwave cabinet has a tighter fit. This made the client very happy!

Custom Cabinetry | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Custom Cabinetry | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Back splash installation ❤

We chose a timeless elongated subway tile from The Tile Shop for our back splash. We first entertained the idea of a herringbone pattern, then just over the range, and finally settled on subway pattern everywhere so that other things could take center stage.

We also wanted a gray undertone to tie in the granite colors and also be able to keep the greige wall color. This allowed for warm and cool to even out!

Notice that we are missing granite on the right where the peninsula is. One of the hiccups was that there was miscommunication on the overhang on the right side. It accidentally came on installation day with a 12" overhang instead of 1.5". I worked immediately (from the lake) to rectify and assure the client it won't cost them anything or delay the project. And because Astonia is AMAZING and we have a great relationship it was solved immediately.

Another weird and puzzling issue was that the sink grate would not fit. After triple checking I ordered the right things and Astonia making numerous calls it was discovered that the manufacturer changed the dimensions on the sink without letting them know. Easy solution, but was so frustrating for a while since client's thought I ordered the wrong sink.

Things like this will happen, it is how it's handled that determines the outcome! I may not be able to provide an immediate solution, but I find one!

Back splash Installation | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Back splash Installation | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Punch List | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Punch List | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Tune in for Part 3- After and Client Interview


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



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