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General Contractor - Stoltz Installation & Carpentry

Updated: Jul 20, 2020


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Stoltz Installation & Carpentry -

Finding good contractors that share similar business morals is something we prioritize here at PID. Stoltz Installation & Carpentry may be a relatively new company with only being in business for three years, however, their years of experience before creating their brand is what makes them stand out and also they're family owned and operated!

What originally started out as a window and door installation business has now expanded into full home remodels, including interior and exterior as well as additions and decks. They provide home improvement services to the Twin cities, metro and surrounding suburbs and offer a free estimate on home improvement projects.



Stoltz is a licensed and insured general contracting company BC# 757279, AAMA certified window and door installer and lead certified renovator. Fairly priced, detail oriented, hard working, and great communicators. They understand the importance of the work that goes into each project and taking care of the client's home. They treat each projects as if they were doing it in their own home.

As stated earlier, Stoltz is a family owned and operated business with a three person team with a combined 30+ years of residential building experience.

Dylan is a general contractor with 10 years of carpentry experience. He started out as a cleaner for a fire and water damage restoration company at 18 and was then trained as a carpenter through that same company. He specializes in fire and water damage, finish carpentry as well as window and door installation.

Mitch is a master carpenter with 25+ years experience in home building, remodeling, window and door installation.

And lastly, Michelle, Dylan's wife, who can sometimes be seen at projects helping out but is always hand on, on the business end of things. She tells the guys where they need to be and what needs to be done and when to make it happen.

A little more personal/professional info about the crew!

"We’re a family business. I work with my wife Michelle’s dad Mitch who has over 30 years of residential building experience. We partnered up three years ago as a two man crew installing windows. Once we got a rhythm going I took the contractors test so we could expand our business to remodeling and home building. Both of us are outdoorsmen and enjoy hunting and fishing together. It’s nice to have a partner you can rely on. It’s been really fun to watch it evolve from subcontracting to contracting and to bring new life to our client’s homes."

-Dylan Stoltz

-Contact Information-

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-How did you start working with Pinnacle Interior Designs?

"My wife and Jeanna met through a workshop. We met to talk business and it was a good fit."

-Dylan Stoltz


Stoltz volunteering their time helping renovate a teachers lounge. #givingback

-Sight check in during a pandemic #safteyfirst #kitchenremodel


Contractor Interview: Dylan Stoltz

Q- Why do you use an Interior Designer? Why Pinnacle Interior Designs?

A- Using a designer is great. It helps our clients pick out materials that work together and will look great. When we have clients who want to design their own space it can be risky if the design will be what they envisioned. It also helps us attain clients. We’re really happy that we met Jeanna, she has been a huge help with networking with new subs and vendors. Getting your name out there as a new business can be hard but Jeanna always makes sure to give us shoutouts on social media which is an awesome way to gain exposure. It’s just a great fit all around.

Q- What is your #inspiration and what is your design style?

A- I love rustic finishes. Michelle loves anything farm house. She’s always on Instagram or Pinterest showing me ideas for our next project.

Q- What advice would you give concerning #remodeling?

A- Don’t go cheap on the small things. If your going to do a remodel, make sure it’s more about what you want the end result to look like rather than just focusing on the price because chances are this investment will really pay off in the end and you will be much happier with your space when everything is finished.

Q- What is your favorite part of your job?

A - Watching the transformation of a clients space and that you helped bring their dream to life. It feels good to be able to add value to homes both sentimental and monetary. Q- Describe your business only using movie titles?

A- The A Team


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



Instagram: pinnacleinteriordesigns

Facebook: Pinnacle Interior Designs


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