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Jewel Ln N- Part 1

Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Jewel Ln N - Part 1

As I have written before, I often work on friend's homes. This can be challenging because you want it to be perfect and go off without a hitch. You DO NOT want anything to jeopardize your friendship.

I have known Holly for almost two decades and have worked on three homes for her and her husband Dan, so when they reached out about doing their laundry/mudroom I wasn't surprised. I had already worked on their master bathroom, basement, living room, and Dan's office.

They had long despised the set up of the garage entry and laundry room. It was impossible to have it function how they needed and since they were going to have Tesla panels installed on their roof and needed the battery storage somewhere they figured now was the time to address it all.

This also prompted the discussion of a future kitchen remodel. From the first time we toured this home (I came with as an advisor) they wanted to remodel it. So any decisions we were to make in the laundry needed to be in line with what they would like to see for the future kitchen since they are adjoining and you can see directly into each space form the other.

So with this knowledge we agreed on a modern farmhouse feel with white shaker cabinets, dark stained wood for the bench top, cool lighting, moving forward with white trim and gray walls.

Before Pictures:

Mudroom Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Mudroom Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Laindry Before | Pinnacle Interior Design
Laundry Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs

The Plan-

They loved the idea of demoing out the closet and creating a built in locker until that would have open and closed storage as well as a space for the cat's litter box to go.

I advised also adding in a utility closet so that they still had a place for items currently in the closet or hanging on the walls like the broom and vacuum. We could have power in there as well for hidden charging.

I wanted the back wall of the locker unit to be protected, so horizontal shiplap would do the trick and add in the modern farmhouse details they love. I have seen too many plain painted drywall backs and backpacks, sports equipment, umbrellas, etc. have it looking destroyed quickly in active households. They also opted for one area instead of dividers and wanted no individual cubbies above so they could do any kind of basket storage they wanted.

Stoltz Installation & carpentry were brought in to do the construction and Pro Design Custom Cabinetry to make the locker units, upper cabinets, and wooden tops.

Laundry Mood Board | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Laundry Mood Board | Pinnacle Interior Designs

For the laundry room side they requested storage since we were taking away the closet. This was decided to be fixed with upper cabinets that run all the way across the wall. We also planned to take away the riser that sat under the front loading washer and dryer. This would allow for a folding counter and for the upper cabinets to be lower (and then more height for storage).

We also briefly discussed a way to incorporate a drying rack that was permanent, but there just wasn't the space to do that.

After we had the designs done and contractors locked in we had a demo date, BUT the tile we had selected, a natural stone, was back ordered and kept being delayed. We had to move the project start date back twice because we didn't want to start and leave them without a washer and dryer for any longer than we had to.




Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer


Email: jeanna@pinnacleinteriordesigns

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