Master Bathroom Remodel- Client Connection- Rice Lake part 1

Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs

-New freestanding copper tub where the small shower once was #freestandingtub #coppertub #bathroomideas #bathroominspo #bathroominspiration #tile #bathroomremodel #masterbathroom #floatingshelves

Master Bathroom Remodel- Rice Lake part 1

When Jim and Anne contacted me about helping them with their bathroom I felt like the dream killer. They had a lot of grand ideas, but what their budget was and what they dreamt up didn’t match.

Jim found me on Houzz and already had a contractor, which is rare for me. About 85% of the time clients use my preferred contractors/sub contractors.

They had experienced flooding that not only destroyed their master bath, but leaked into their basement too. They rent out their basement to Air BNB and had to stop because they needed to use that shower in the meantime. Getting this project done was a top priority!

I went hard to work on delivering as many of the wants and wishes while making sure all of the needs were met, including a budget we needed to stick to. They loved all the creative solutions and I got to know them well!

Yes, there was insurance money, but that is used to restore a space back to an original date, not a complete overhaul! So, the portion they were paying for needed to be kept watch on. It wasn't impossible, but I wanted to deliver them their dream bathroom that they had put on hold for so many years raising three (now all adult) boys!


Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs


- two separate vanities

- linen closet

- walk in shower

- new window

- ADA/space to sit (client is an amputee)

- door separating closet & her vanity from tub/shower/his vanity


- freestanding tub

- new carpet in hall/connected master bedroom

- bigger window than current


- heated floors

- closet to become bathroom and bedroom adjacent to bathroom to become a dressing room (I strongly advised against taking away a bedroom and making such a large master)

Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs

-Mood board #moodboard #masterbathroom #bathroom #bathroomvanity #bathtub #vanitylighting #tile


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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