Master Bathroom Remodel- Client Connection- Rice Lake part 2

Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs

-New freestanding copper tub where the small shower once was #freestandingtub #coppertub #bathroomideas #bathroominspo #bathroominspiration #tile #bathroomremodel #masterbathroom #floatingshelves

Master Bathroom Remodel- Rice Lake part 2

The day Hailey and I got to see the finished space of this master bathroom remodel project and shoot some after pictures was so exciting! The clients Jim and Anne are just the sweetest people and so deserving of an awesome space that they can enjoy, just the two of them.

Just like every project, this master bathroom remodel hit some speed bumps. The homeowner decided to do a few things himself and

this changed the contractor’s timeline. So, the project lasted longer than the homeowners (and all involved) originally intended.

I write all of this not because it was done "wrong," but because it was the real story, the actual series of events. When the budget is a top priority, other things have to be sacrificed, like time or quality. It's just the way it is.

So, time became their enemy since quality was important to client, contractor, and myself.

The day the project finished and they got to use their bathroom was such a relief for them!

Do’t forget to scroll down to read the client interview!


Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs


- two separate vanities✔️

- linen closet✔️

- walk in shower✔️

- new window✔️

- ADA/space to sit (client is an amputee)✔️ - door separating closet & her vanity from tub/shower/his vanity✔️


- freestanding tub✔️

- new carpet in hall/connected master bedroom ✔️

- bigger window than current ✔️


- heated floors✔️

- closet to become bathroom and bedroom adjacent to bathroom to become a dressing room (I strongly advised against taking away a bedroom and making such a large master)

Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom Remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs



Question- Why did you use an Interior Designer?

We had a major bath and walk in closet project (rebuild) starting from the studs. We would have been foolish not to seek design help knowing we were going to spend tens of thousands of dollars on this project. We wanted to be happy with the outcome and certain it would be attractive should we decide to sell sometime in the future. We needed expertise and experience in the layout, choosing vanities, mirrors, light fixtures and wall coverings, tile and so much more. It was a no brainer that the money for the designer would be well spent.

Question- What was your #inspiration and what is your design style?

I have always been impressed with walk in showers in Mexico that are void of glass that stains and unsightly shower curtains. I insisted on a new walk in shower. We also became enamored with the concept of having a copper bathtub which we incorporated in the new design. While my style is somewhat bold and open to many styles, my wife is more conservative and less of a risk taker. We are good at compromising and having a designer help us find a middle ground was very important and helpful for both of us.

Question- What advice would you give concerning #remodeling?

Be patient. It’s going to get dirty and noisy and take longer than expected. Expect problems that will need to be resolved and get advice for resolving them. There are places to save money in any remodeling project. The design, selection of fixtures, tile, etc. is critical to the success of any project. I recommend bids from several companies but question their ability to design your project for the most successful outcome. Certainly, they can tell you what they ‘usually’ do and provide you with information about what everyone else is doing in other remodels. I would highly recommend you engage a designer who will work closely with you and help guide the remodeler to achieve something you will cherish for a long time. A designer will also provide you access to significant discounts you could not achieve on your own and help you avoid the pitfalls that you would encounter on your own. Our contractor contacted our designer a number of times for guidance and problem resolution doing our remodel. Get the paperwork signed by your contractor that they, and not you, are responsible for paying subcontractors involved on the remodel.

Question- What would you do differently?

I’m sorry but the answer is nothing. It’s beyond what we had hoped for or expected. I’m serious, employing a designer to work with us and the contractor was key to our very successful remodel.

Question- What was your favorite part?

Planning the layout and making selections for the fixtures, tiles, etc. certainly ranks high. It was wonderful watching it take shape and participating in the many decisions that had to be made along the way.

Question- Describe the remodel only using movie titles:)

Certainly “The Money Pit” would be a fitting title but I’d like to be more positive and offer, “Shawshank Redemption.”

Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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