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Mid-Century Modern Remodel | Client Connection- Croatt part 1

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Client- Heidi and Dana Croatt: Maple Grove, MN

When I first met with Heidi and Dana I knew they would be fun to work with! Dana has that witty sarcasm that makes him truly funny (you'll see one of his many funny texts in tomorrow’s blog post), and Heidi just has this friendly spirit that would be impossible not to adore and want to be around. Along with their two kiddos they loved their neighborhood and potential this house has!

They had painted their golden oak cabinets black in their tiny, closed in kitchen to get them by until they were ready to remodel. I was there to help them decide what could be done to help the space function better and not be the eyesore that they felt it was. I told them my initial vision and we talked practical things like budget, timeline, and if they had a contractor in mind. By the end of the first consult we had picked two contractors of mine to have bid out the project and were moving forward with space planning!

We interviewed two contractors, signed with Tschida Construction, made selections after numerous rounds of revisions, and got the demo scheduled! Contrary to popular remodeling shows, it is a LONG process and months were spanned between initial client consult and demo day. Cabinets take 6 weeks or more to arrive on site, and that's after finalizing a layout, receiving and approving color samples, selecting a counter, backsplash, hardware, flooring, etc. It can be very overwhelming for clients, but both Heidi and Dana trusted me and even when they were unsure, they knew I see the big picture and realized the risk was worth it to really make the space be a reflection of the style they now were developing.

Tomorrow I’ll dive into the “during” (construction) portion of the remodel...



-Staircase before

-Living room design before

-View from hallway into closed off kitchen/living area

Scope- #maplegrove #maplegrovemn #demo #kitchenremodel

  1. Remove wall in between kitchen and living room

  2. Create a cabinetry layout with a large pantry, large island, range vent hood, and below counter microwave

  3. New flooring throughout public main floor living space

  4. Stone counter, two tone cabinetry, and distinctive backsplash install

  5. Remove and replace staircase components

  6. New lighting in kitchen, dining, living, and entry

  7. Paint golden oak built-ins in dining area to match kitchen cabinetry

  8. Reconfigure and paint golden oak built-in closet in adjacent hallway

  9. Texture and paint ceilings

  10. Paint walls in kitchen, dining, living, and entry

  11. Fun wall paper for back of dining area built-ins

  12. Furniture and staging in a Mid-Century Modern style


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



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