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NEW CONSTRUCTION SELECTIONS Client Connection- Smith part 5

Updated: Jan 13, 2020


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-Client and Designer



Client- Miranda Smith: Portland, OR to Denver, CO

All this month I have been writing about the spec home in Portland I helped upgrade with my best friend of 25 years. Now, I am going to let you see a sneak peek of the home she is building in Denver, Colorado.

After a decade in Portland, working for Nike, she is moving back to where all her family is and starting a new journey at The North Face. It was a very hard decision as she loved her co-workers, job, friends, lifestyle, and of course her home she just made EXACTLY how she wanted. But ultimately moving made the most sense for her.

She flew me in and along with her other good friend we had a whirlwind of a few days making all the selections for her new construction home. I had to balance that fine line of best friend and Interior Designer, which was tricky at times. As a friend I wanted to say..."you don't really want that" a designer I had to gently reminder her what her overall objective was and that choosing black cabinetry on a whim when all she has wanted was white would be a hasty decision she would regret later and far too expensive to change.

Also, most people do these over numerous appointments, not back to back! In the end we went with modern, clean lines, matte black fixtures (again), white cabinetry, white counters and tile, black oak floors, and lighting that couldn't be any more "Miranda" (modern black matte) if we tried!

Also, after the sneak peek is the first EVER client interview! Enjoy!



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-Client selfie on the lighting selection outing #selfie #urbanlights


-Trying out LED lighting! Selfie worthy for sure!


-Client Interview-

Miranda Smith, Portland, OR/Denver, CO

Q- Why did you use an Interior Designer?


"I’d like to think I have a strong opinion on what I want for my home, but the reality is everyone NEEDS someone who does this for a living! They know all of the details, best prices, options and alternatives for each home selection! It takes all of the guess work and endless hours on line out of the process so I could focus on other things in my life."

Q- What was your #inspiration and what is your design style?


"I would classify my design style as modern, industrial, neutral. Not sure if that is a thing, but I’m drawn to raw materials, neutral color palette and simplicity. My #inspiration is always derived from the most simple presentations. I LOVE all #white everything and #black accents, #cement and #modern touches."

Q- What advice would you give concerning #remodeling?


"Patience is key! It will never go according to the first schedule, but that is why having an interior designer is the unlock! Jeanna will ensure all details are thought through well before install and will keep you updated (and calm) as things progress!"

Q- What would you do differently?


"Well I bought a brand new house and then redid just about everything (ALL door hardware, cabinet hardware, tile, lighting fixtures etc), so next time around I’m building a house from the ground up so it’s built with what I dream of! Jeanna was along for every step of the way on my first house so I flew her out to Colorado to help me pick everything for my new house, because the reality is she knew better than me on what I wanted and could guide the builder on more affordable options/alternatives."

Q- what was your favorite part?


"Working with Jeanna! (Of course) But also seeing how much impact small changes have on your space. When I changed out the door hardware from chrome to matte black, my whole house transformed!!"

Q- Describe the remodel only using movie titles:)


"The simplicity of “Helvética” with a design friendship similar to “Thelma and Louise” an aspirational outlook and worldly feel of “Amelie” and the end result only fairytales could evoke like “Cinderella”. I wore the glass slipper and got to live in my beautiful home that I loved every detail of!!"


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are! Click here to subscribe:)

Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



Instagram: pinnacleinteriordesigns

Facebook: Pinnacle Interior Designs


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