Plymouth Master Bath- Part 3

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Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs

Plymouth Master Bath - Part 3

Photoshoot day is THE BEST!

After a longer than usual wait for the shower door glass, we had a finished bathroom!

I let Catherine take the reigns on staging selections, purchasing, and staging the space. She has a self proclaim love of staging and I think she really enjoyed getting this space “magazine ready” for Height Advantages to come in and do their shoot.

After Pictures:

Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs

I LOVE how this space turned out. It is so fresh and simple. Simple... but not plain or boring.

There are a few details that bring in personality that are “simple” but make a big impact. The shower tile is a play on the 3x6 inch subway. classic, but the caption detail adds whimsy.

The clean lines are emphasized throughout the room and make the space seem clean as well.

Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs

After the shoot was over and we thanked the homeowners for letting us come in and shoot the space. She let us know we will back next summer to do their kitchen, which is the biggest compliment there is.

Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom After | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Master Bathroom Remodel Pinnacle Interior Designs


Question- Why did you use an Interior Designer? 

A - I knew an entire bathroom remodel consisted of many sub contractors and coordinating schedules/timelines and I'm busy working and homeschooling kids.  I knew the extra coordination of schedules would add a lot of stress and decided to use a designer so I could focus on my work and family.  I also knew designers have many great contacts and discounts at retail stores for all the fun design elements! Question- What was your #inspiration and what is your design style? 

A - I think my design style is modern bohemian hippie. :)  I love natural elements and have at least one live plant in every single room in my house. I want my family and friends to feel comfortable in my home and I think one way to accomplish that is clean modern lines with blacks and whites while adding textures and layering in soft colors like the green grey on the wall.  While I don't expect many visitors in my master bathroom ;) I still use that design concept throughout my house.  Question- What advice would you give concerning #remodeling

A - Have a few inspiration pictures ready to know what you like.  There are thousands of design options so you need to have a design starting point.  Then, when the construction begins, touch base with your construction crew very briefly every morning and ask what they expect to accomplish that day and the next day. It will hold them accountable but also set realistic expectations for yourself on their time, noise level, and how you can plan your day around it.  Keep in mind, we had a 5 week project while both adults were working from home, 2 young boys home schooling and two large dogs in the house, all. day. long. every. day.  Aren't pandemics fun?! Question- What would you do differently? 

A -  Even though having a budget and staying in that budget is important, I would have added a few more luxuries to the project while we had the experts there.  Heated floors for example is an added cost, but once the new tile goes down you can't add it later in a few it while you have the crew there and in construction mode.  Question- what was your favorite part? 

A -  Its a tie between watching the tile go on the floors and walls and the last day when the shower glass was installed. 


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer


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