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Professional Painters-Contractor Connection- Splash Innovative Painting

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Splash Innovative Painting -

I pride myself on my work and my ideas are only as good as whoever executes them. A common service I provide is paint selections for wall, cabinets, exteriors, etc. and having a trusted painter to refer to clients is so important. It allows me to work with and support businesses I trust. It gives clients peace of mind that they are going to be taken care of at a fair price.

Splash Innovative Painting is my go-to painter. With 10 years in the business servicing the Twin Cities, but mostly the Northwest Metro. They specialize in residential interior and exterior painting, popcorn texture removal and cabinet painting. They offer free estimates and get the quotes back to me faster than any other subcontractor or contractor I work with.


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They are insured, fairly priced, great communicators, and customer focused. They pride themselves in their passion and drive to create the best experience they can provide for their customers. They realize their services for the most part, can be a great inconvenience for people so they try to find ways to less inconvenience their customer. Whether its their products, systems, or processes, they are always becoming better for them.

Macro Ramirez started the business in 2009 after working in the industry since the early 1990's. Marco's sons (Jorge and Alex) grew up painting for him in the summers and now work in the family business.




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-How did you start working with Pinnacle Interior Designs?

"I (Jorge) met Jeanna through a great business friend in my BNI chapter. We connected and immediately felt we would be able to bring a lot of value to each other's business in many ways. Its great to do business with same minded successful people such as Jeanna. "

-Jorge Ramirez


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Q- Why do you use an Interior Designer? Why Pinnacle Interior Designs?


I very often recommend Pinnacle to my customers because I know what they're getting with Pinnacle. Quality, relationship and someone in their corner.

Q- What is your #inspiration and what is your design style?


I am a fan of minimalist design in all forms of design.

Q- What advice would you give concerning #remodeling?


Always ask what the process is in your remodeling project because a lot of times you're not informed on what your getting yourself into.

Q- What is your favorite part of your job?

A -

I love meeting and connecting with people! I love that we get to make our customers' vision for their home a reality.


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are! click here to subscribe:)

Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



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