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Rogers Kitchen Remodel- Mauss Part 3

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

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Transitional Kitchen remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Transitional Kitchen remodel | Pinnacle Interior Designs
  • AFTER- warm and timeless kitchen design


Rogers Kitchen Remodel - Mauss part 3

Having this project complete was such a relief! Giving them back their livable space was a benefit that was only made more amazing by the way everything turned out.

Stoltz and their subs did a wonderful job on this one. If you remember from Part 1, this was their first kitchen project (besides their own). Dylan and Mitch somehow stayed on schedule and gave the client's my vision brought to life!

Photo shoot day was special for a few reasons. Michelle form Stoltz was there to see how I style and do it with me. New intern Catherine had her first real day. Kevin from Height Advantages was snapping and shooting away. It was amazing!

AFTER Pictures:


Like every project there is always a bump in the road. For this one, we had cabinetry selected and planned through Cliq. We had restart all over when they closed down (I thought for Covid...but was permanent). Thank goodness I have an amazing custom cabinet guy who came to the rescue. We took or plan and customized it to be even better than before! We chose a warm stained Alder for the cabinetry in a shaker door with a flat molding.

We wanted it to be updated, but not a white kitchen, so we chose an off white quartz with flecks instead of veining. For backsplash we did a glass subway, which connected the appliance finish perfectly.

The pendant lights were sourced from Pottery Barn and couldn't have been more ideal for the design. We placed three over the island and then replaced the two ugly spotlights over the sink with them tow, just staggered heights.

We had Aric from Pro Design add in an Alder door for the pantry to make sure the whole space was done from top to bottom and there would be no regrets.




Q- Why did you use an Interior Designer?

A - We have been wanting to update our kitchen since we moved into our house 5 years ago but wanted to make sure we did it right. We wanted to get a professional's guidance to ensure we considered all of our options and to streamline the decision making process.

Q- What was your #inspiration and what is your design style?

A - We wanted a design that would stand the test of time, but most importantly be extremely practical for our busy family of 5. I call our style Practically Timeless. :)

Q- What advice would you give concerning #remodeling?

A - Be open to considering ideas that weren't on your radar. We ended up doing things that I had never considered - which is why it was great to have Jeanna leading our way.

Q- What would you do differently?

A - Not have done a major remodel during a pandemic while I was working from home with 3 kids doing school at home!

Q- what was your favorite part?

A - To be able to do the final cleaning and see the completed project.

Q- Describe the remodel only using movie titles:)

A - Outbreak during the Field of Dreams




Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



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