South Minneapolis Kitchen Remodel- Part 1

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Kitchen Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs

South Minneapolis Kitchen Remodel - Part 1

What's more nerve racking...selling your ideas and gaining trust from strangers or a very close friend?

I'll admit, I have failed to do have clear boundaries when mixing business with friendship in the past, so when my very close friend of almost 20 years (who happens to be one of my interior photographers) asked me to do their kitchen remodel, I hesitated... not because I wasn't qualified, but because I did not want to harm our relationship in any way.

That lasted all of 10 seconds before becoming really excited to be a part of something they have wanted since the day she moved into his bachelor pad. I have seen this house become their home and the place where they are now raising their two growing son's and couldn't wait for the compartmentalized rooms to open up into truly open concept.

They enlisted their other good friend to do the construction and we started planning.

I will admit that the planning process was longer than ideal and caused some rushed decision making near the end, but I kept them on course while towing the fine line of being patient and understanding, and laying down the law.

They planned to stay at my friend's in-laws while they wintered in Florida so they weren't without a kitchen, but also needed to be out by the time in-laws got back as to keep stress at a minimum for all parties.

Before Pictures:

Before- walls to be removed | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Kitchen Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Kitchen Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Kitchen Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs
Kitchen Before | Pinnacle Interior Designs

The main objectives were simple...

-Remove the two kicthen walls

-Create an island space

-Have a pantry

-More counter space

-Cost effective

We were initially very nervous about the whether we would need a post (or two for symmetry) when taking down the two wall enclosing the kitchen, so when we got the green light that we didn't it was the best news! I really wanted to be able to give them their dream, and a post just wasn't in it.

We wanted to have a mid-century modern style while keeping in line with the bungalow architecture and feel of the home and neighborhood.

This meant they wanted slab cabinet doors and stain instead of paint. This was awesome because it was a break from white shaker cabinets!! They also wanted a simple stone, so when I brought choices I new we had to go quartz, and not the dramatic veining that was very popular.

We did hit a snag when the semi-custom cabinetry company we sourced closed. Thankfully Aric at Pro-Design Custom Cabinetry saved the day and not only replicated what I had created, but had the capabilities of making very specific changes that made my friend and her husband very happy with their decision to spend more money on custom cabinetry.

We did make quiet a few decision changes during construction...but I'll save that for next week!

TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR PART 2: During the Remodel

Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are!

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Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer


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