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Tile Showroom-Contractor Connection- The Tile Shop: Barry Seals

Barry and I (and my helper/youngest son Weston) #tile #tileshowroom #teamwork #minneapolisdesigner #interiordesigner #mndesigner


The Tile Shop- my go-to tile showroom

I am a creature of habit. I make fun of my dad for it, but to be honest I am just as guilty...and for good reason.

I source a lot of different types of fixtures, finishes, furniture, etc. To be able to rely on showrooms for things like free samples, trade discounts (that I can pass a long to clients), free shipping, help with returns and replacements makes my job so much easier.

I worked at The Tile Shop Plymouth right before starting Pinnacle Interior Designs. I had done a few projects with a college friend while working there, but I gained confidence and realized I was really good at bringing spaces to life.

I know their products, settling materials, pricing, and have great service! With new products coming out constantly I have only had a few instances in the last 13 years where we had to source somewhere else.

The Tile Shop is my go-to tile showroom. With the corporate location being in Plymouth I have access to the best vignettes, turn around time, samples, and help (thanks to Barry).


On the job moodboard for a bathroom at The Tile Shop with Barry’s help! #moodboard #bathrooomremodel #bathroomtile


The Tile Shop has 13 total sales staff members at the Plymouth location. This location provides sales and design services for all things tile at our store. Barry has been in sales since he was 16 and was referred by a close friend in 2008 to The Tile Shop. “I used to work with Jeanna at the Shop for a few years until she left and started her own business.”




Plymouth Showroom- 14000 Carlson Parkway, Plymouth, MN 55441


#thetileshop #tilelove


-Picking up samples


-Final selections for a bathroom that Barry and I made/planned out together!


Kid friendly- Weston plays Beyblades while Barry carries around my tile options🤣


When picking out pictures I realized I have one of myself I probably every mirror from every vignette in The Tile Shop🤣 #ihaveaproblem


Testing the product at a Pro Member event at The Tile Shop #thinset #demonstration


Barry helping during a client presentation #presentation #supportstaff



Q- Why do you use an Interior Designer? Why Pinnacle Interior Designs? A- I think it makes it easier for some clients to have a person that can make the decisions for them, it's important to have someone in place that can have a vision for the space they are working on. Jeanna makes it easy, she can walk into a space and immediately have a new look and feel for what the space needs. Q- What is your #inspiration and what is your design style? A- dwell magazine is my inspiration, clean, modern, minimal design are my favorites. Q- What advice would you give concerning #remodeling? A- Give yourself plenty of time to let things come together, don't overthink it.

Q- What is your favorite part of your job? A - Every day presents a new challenge and it keeps you engaged.

Q- Describe your business only using movie titles:) A- 'Heat' because the selections and designs are 🔥


Barry helps me multi-task... getting in my squats while I pick up samples🤣😏🤣 #workout #multitask #interiordesignlife


Thank you for joining in and reading! I hope you got an insight into what we do, who we work with, the reality behind making old spaces new, and how awesome are clients are! click here to subscribe:)

Jeanna Letzring, Owner/Interior Designer



Instagram: pinnacleinteriordesigns

Facebook: Pinnacle Interior Designs


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