Pinnacle Interior Designs specializes in:


  • Styling

    • Refresh & Renew​

    • Styling to Sell

    • Holidays & Events


Why use an Interior Designer?

•Selling, remodeling, or building a home involves money…money brings out extreme emotions. Pair that with stress of everyday life that still continues and this services gives the sellers/buyers a better experience overall


•Expert knowledge on products, values, and trends


•We have trusted vendors and contractors who come with our services, eliminating the additional stress of finding them if you need them


•We have a very good understanding of project management and can be a very useful addition


•Decluttering and Depersonalizing gives people a sense of the space…not of the owner


•Most important: sometimes staging isn’t enough... and when it isn't we can make the changes in a timely and cost effective manner

Before and Afters