refresh & Renew

Mid Project

Do you ever look around your home and wish it felt finished, had new life, 

or had a more defined style?

We will help you use the items you have or find new home decor pieces that speak to you, in your budget. We start with a phone consult where we decide which package is best, your design style, and get pictures to plan. Then on "Design Day" we will come to assess and take measurements, and go shopping (in your own home or out to stores) to complete the room.


LITE: starting at $200

All about using what you've got in new ways.

We come in and instead of purchasing anything new, use from around your home to create a whole new look.


STANDARD: starting at $400

You love some of the items you have, and others you are ready to part with. We will keep what you love and find new pieces to compliment and breathe new life into a space.


PREMIUM: starting at $500

Out with the old and in with the new! Let's start with a clean slate. We will help you find all new decor items for your space. We will make your space both magazine ready and ready to live in.





FOR SALE! You have decided to move and put your house on the market. Before you can sell, you need to get those professional photos done.

Don’t worry, we will get your home styled and photoshoot ready! 

We start with a phone consult and decide which package is best, which areas need the most love, what you can do to best prepare, and when we need to make the magic happen. Then the day of pictures, we come 60-90 minutes before the photoshoot to transform the spaces.  This will get more people to tour your home, and can even sell your home before it hits the market.


LITE: starting at $200

We declutter and move your decor items around to make the most of what you've got. Great for people who already have styled spaces or limited budgets, but want to have the best possible pictures.


STANDARD: starting at $400

We build upon the LITE package and bring in decor items to make sure the spaces are shown in the best way possible. A picture is worth a thousand words but we want people be speechless! 


PREMIUM: starting at $500

We take the STANDARD package and also come back to recreate it on open house day. This allows people to see what they first saw and not be distracted by personal items, decor, or layout. 




Whether you are hosting  an event or just need help making the season festive, we have you covered.

We can do a general staging for a whole season, or specific to an event, such as a baby shower, birthday party, Friendsgiving, etc.

We know the lists start piling up and if we can help check off a box and help you focus on what really matters, we are excited to do so!


LITE: starting at $200

We use your holiday decor items and either set it up how you have instructed to save you time or reinvent to get you a new take.


STANDARD: starting at $400

We make sure to use your favorite decor items and mix in some new styling pieces to debut and have for the following holiday. 


PREMIUM: starting at $500

We may keep a few pieces, but for the most part we start fresh and source decor based off of a theme, color, or combination.