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Mid Project


We are now expanding our talents and offering services specifically tailored for Realtors. We know that first impressions our important to your clients and we found that this service will not only set you apart, but will make your job easier.

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Selling Consultation

This is a game changer.

We come with on a viewing of a potential property purchase for your client and give real time suggestions and price estimates on how to make the potential home theirs. They can purchase with the piece of mind of how much it will cost, how long it will REALLY take, who could do the work.



We come in and give very specific recommendations that the client's will execute with our help and pay for out of their designated budget. This can include quick changes such as: lighting, hardware, flooring, paint, decluttering, and staging for professional pictures. It can also include actual remodeling suggestions if we all see fit. We will tailor it to the needs specific to your client. This will help the home get sold faster and for more money.

Whole house lighting plan

Floor plan

We offer AutoCad and Chief Architecture floor plans and renderings to show the layout very clearly on the MLS and on any marketing material. This will help qualify the property for buyers before going and seeing it. 

This also can be used to show what an unfinished basement could look like.

Finished Basement Floorplan.png


If all your client needs is to refresh pant, we can come in and recommend colors, sheens, and areas to be done to make the most impact and have the best impression for potential buyers. 

we also have numerous trusted painters who can get the work done in a timely manner.



Jaimi Wilson: Keller-Williams Dream Team

"My in-laws were preparing to move into an assisted living townhouse a couple months before my mother-in-law passed away. I was tasked to sell the 70's home they had been living in since 1981 and hadn't made updates in since the mid-90's. It was in a very desirable city/neighborhood, was meticulously maintained and in a very popular price range for first time homebuyers. Because I'm a Realtor, it was easy to see that with a little sweat equity and hard work, we could make some fairly inexpensive, but highly-impactful updates to the home and not only sell easily, but sell for TOP DOLLAR and make a hearty profit to my FIL's equity. I was given my FIL's blessing to "do it"....I would make all the decisions, work as the General Contractor and he would "just write the checks" - HA! I was easily able to work with known and trusted contractors (and did so for flooring, paint and window treatments), but when it came to completely gutting and updating two bathrooms, replacing kitchen backsplash and adding new light fixtures throughout....I needed help from the "BIG GUNS". Jeanna is a good friend and was my go-to without hesitation. She and her contractors made the process easy, stuck to our budget and delivered an AMAZING home that landed us two full-price CASH offers...and a happy Father in Law! He invested $____ and made x2 (DOUBLE) on that investment. A no-brainer to hire Jeanna and her crew before you or your Seller put their home on the market. Thank you Jeanna and Pinnacle Interior Designs! "


Project Detail-

Quick and cost effective flip in Stillwater, Minnesota


Project Scope-

-New Flooring Throughout

-Neutral Paint Throughout

-Kitchen backsplash and island pendants

-Basement Bathroom Refresh

-Primary Bathroom Refresh

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